Other Services

  1. Property and Casualty Insurance Program: A voluntary program which utilizes the purchasing leverage of the combined membership to help contain health care costs through effective negotiation of property and casualty insurance premiums on a group basis. A core element of the program is following strong risk management and loss prevention procedures.
    • Assist Members approach the commercial insurance market to purchase medical liability and other property and casualty insurance coverage at lower costs associated with group purchasing contracts.
    • Provide insurance program administration and represent Members in discussions with insurers to obtain best prices and services for risk management, loss prevention and claims administration.
  2. Licenses: Certain licenses will be negotiated on a combined basis to help contain health care costs and provide access to new technology that may not be as affordable on a single-entity basis. Members will participate in these licenses on a voluntary basis.
    • Position Manager – group license provides capability for electronic on-line employment applications to be submitted to one or more New England Alliance for Health Members.