Our Mission

The New England Alliance for Health (NEAH) assists its members to improve the health of the communities they serve. The New England Alliance for Health promotes collaboration, coordination of care and population-based resource planning among its members and regional partners. The New England Alliance for Health provides services which enable its members to improve the quality of patient care and contain health care costs.

New England Alliance for Health's Core Values

We believe that locally-directed health care, which is responsive to local needs and culture, is crucial. We believe that all financial assets of NEAH member organizations should remain in the community, under the governance of the members' local boards. We believe that excellent regional health care requires coordination, communication, and collaboration.

We believe that referrals of patients for care should be driven by the best interest of the patients, not by membership in the Alliance.

The structure that enables the provision of services is a limited liability corporation (LLC) owned and managed by Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, Lebanon, NH.